How to Style Wavy Hair in 2024: My Best 5 Easy Tips

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Learn the secret to effortlessly chic hair by following our tutorial, “Ways to Style Curly Hair”, featuring my top 5 easy tips. Enhance your natural curls and make a fashion statement with these straightforward techniques that are perfect for the modern muse.

Understanding Your Wavy Hair

Recognizing Hair Types

Your adventure begins by identifying where your hair falls on the wavy spectrum! Generally, wavy hair is known as Type 2 and it branches into:

  • 2A: Gentle, tousled waves that seamlessly blend into straighter sections.
  • 2B: Defined ‘S’ waves, starting at mid-length, often with straighter roots.
  • 2C: Bold waves starting from the roots, giving a more voluminous look.

How to Style Wavy Hair: Essential Styling Tools and Products

A table with various styling tools and products for wavy hair: curling iron, diffuser, sea salt spray, hair oil, and a wide-tooth comb

Must-Have Accessories

To maintain and style your wavy locks, certain accessories are non-negotiable. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Curling Iron: When you want to define or enhance your waves, a large-barrel curling iron is your go-to tool for just the right amount of bend.
  • Blow Dryer with Diffuser: A good blow dryer and a diffuser attachment work together to dry your waves evenly, adding volume without disturbing the natural wave pattern.
  • Clips and Pins: Needed for sectioning your hair during styling and securing styles like pin curls.

Apply a heat protectant before using heated tools to shield your locks from damage.

Choosing the Right Products

The products you use can make or break your wavy hairstyle. Aim for a combination of nourishment and hold:

  1. Heat Protectant: Always start with a heat protectant to minimize damage when styling with heat.
  2. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: Opt for moisture-rich formulations geared towards wavy hair to balance hydration and lightweight treatment.
  3. Mousse and Gels: To sculpt and hold your waves, select a defining gel or mousse, such as the TRESemmé TRES Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse, that caters especially to wavy hair.
  4. Sea Salt Spray: Embrace your natural texture with a sea salt spray for that ‘beachy’ look with minimal effort.

Washing and Conditioning Routines

A bottle of conditioner squeezing into a hand, wavy hair being combed through with fingers, a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer

Proper Techniques for Wavy Hair

When it comes to washing your wavy hair, think gentle and hydrating. Start with a wavy-hair-friendly shampoo that’s adept at walking the fine line between moisture-rich and weightless. Don’t skimp on this step, as your choice of cleanser sets the tone for your waves. Apply shampoo primarily to the scalp and allow the suds to wash over your ends as you rinse to prevent drying them out.

For drying your hair, wrap it lovingly in a microfiber towel to soak up excess water without causing frizz. The smoother texture of a microfiber towel is much kinder to your waves compared to a regular bath towel.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Wavy hair yearns for hydration, and a deep conditioning treatment every couple of weeks can be a game-changer. Select a deep conditioner rich in natural oils to penetrate and nourish hair without overwhelming it. Focusing this product on the mid-lengths to ends is vital, avoiding the scalp to keep your volume intact.

Consider incorporating a leave-in conditioner into your routine; it’s perfect for extra moisture and can help manage frizz throughout the day. Apply it to damp hair, scrunching gently to encourage wave patterns and provide lasting hydration.

Creating the Perfect Hairstyles

A woman's wavy hair being styled with a curling iron, hairbrush, and hairspray on a vanity table with a mirror and various hair products

Everyday Wavy Looks

For daily wear, bangs can add a fresh, playful touch to your wavy hairstyle. If you have long hair, try a side-swept fringe that blends effortlessly into loose waves, creating a carefree yet sophisticated look. 7

Or, if you’re rocking a short hairstyle, such as a bob or lob (long bob), texture plays a key role. Amp up the volume with mousse or sea salt spray to give your waves some bounce and definition.

  • For Bobs & Lobs: Scrunch in some lightweight mousse to damp hair and let it air dry for that perfect tousle.
  • Pixie Cut with a Twist: Got a Pixie? Use a little styling cream to add waves to longer sections for a playful vibe.

Special Occasion Elegance

When a special event calls, your wavy locks are your best accessory. Hairstylists often recommend using the innate beauty of waves to craft styles that exude elegance and charm. Updos and half-up styles look enchanting on wavy hair, particularly with natural texture.

  • Glamorous Updo: Twist and pin sections of your hair to form a loose, wavy updo that’s simple yet stunning for any elegant affair.
  • Half-Up, Half-Down: Pull the top section of your hair back and secure it with a pretty clip or pins, allowing your waves to cascade over your shoulders.

Advanced Styling Techniques

A model with wavy hair sits in a salon chair, while a stylist demonstrates advanced techniques using various styling tools and products

Mastering Heat Tools

Curls: Achieve glamorous Old Hollywood curls using a medium barrel curling iron. Hold the curl for a few seconds and release, then pin each curl to your scalp to cool. Once cool, release the pins and gently brush out for a classic wave.

Beachy Waves: For a more laid-back vibe, grab a flat iron. Twist your hair and gently clamp the iron over it to create relaxed, beachy bends. Be mindful of the heat setting—too high can cause damage, so moderate it.

Innovative No-Heat Styles

Soft Waves Without Heat: Embrace your hair’s natural texture with no-heat styles. Start with slightly damp hair, apply mousse to boost volume, and create a loose French braid. Sleep on it, and you’ll wake up to soft waves in the morning.

Sock Curls: Cut the toe off a clean sock, roll it into a donut shape, and thread a ponytail through the center. Wrap sections of your hair around this DIY tool, secure it with a hair tie, and leave it overnight. Your result: lush curls without the heat!

Experimenting with different wavy haircuts can also complement these styling techniques, ensuring your waves have the perfect shape and bounce. By mastering these methods, your styling options become as versatile as your hair itself!

Maintaining the Health of Wavy Hair

Wavy hair being styled with a wide-tooth comb and a curl-enhancing product, with a diffuser attached to a blow dryer for gentle drying

Trimming and Pruning

Regular trims are essential! They keep your waves looking fresh and free from split ends. Aim for a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape and volume of your wavy hair. A slight prune promotes healthy growth and a fabulous feel even if you’re growing it out or have hair extensions.

Combating Humidity and Frizz

Humidity is frizz’s best friend—but it doesn’t have to be yours. To combat humidity and keep your hair smooth, integrate anti-frizz products into your routine. Opt for a lightweight serum or a humidity shield spray that doesn’t weigh down your waves. On extra damp days, a deep side part can help manage the feel of your hair and add a touch of elegance.

Accessorizing and Finishing Touches

A table with various hair accessories and styling products arranged neatly, with a mirror reflecting the wavy hair styled with finishing touches

Selecting Trendy Add-Ons

Your wavy hair is the ultimate canvas for trendy accessories. Hailey Bieber is often seen setting trends with simple yet elegant hairpieces. To capture that vibe, consider pearl barrettes or velvet scrunchies that add a sophisticated touch without compromising the shape of your waves. Always aim for accessories that complement rather than overwhelm your hairstyle.

  • For a laid-back look: Try cloth headbands or small clips.
  • For something more refined: Opt for metallic pins or elegant combs.

Setting Sprays and Serums

The key to making your waves last is using the right finishing sprays. A good texturizing spray will add grip and a beachy texture, just like a day at the sea. Sea salt spray is your go-to for that fresh-off-the-beach look, creating definition and adding volume without the crunch. Remember, a little goes a long way!

  • Hairspray: Use it for holding your style in place, choose a lightweight formula to avoid stiffness.
  • Volumizing spray: Apply at the roots for an instant lift.
  • Serums: A lightweight serum can tame frizz and add shine for a glossy finish.


How do I make my wavy hair look good?

To make wavy hair look good, use a lightweight balm and consider air-drying or sleeping in braids for more defined waves. 

What is a good hair routine for wavy hair?

A good routine for wavy hair includes using keratin-infused leave-in conditioner after washing to detangle and protect against heat.

How do you style naturally wavy hair after a shower?

After a shower, style naturally wavy hair by applying a leave-in conditioner, scrunching to define waves, and air-drying or diffusing.

How do you style fine frizzy wavy hair?

For fine frizzy wavy hair, use a deep conditioner, avoid heavy products, and apply a sea salt spray for texture.

Is My hair wavy or Frizzy?

It may be wavy if your hair is wavy after showering but frizzy when dry. Frizz can indicate a need for moisture or gentler styling techniques.

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