How to Style Thick Wavy Hair Men in 2024: Easy Step-By-Step

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Our easy-to-follow tutorial, “Styling Strategies for Men with Thick Wavy Hair”, streamlines the process of managing curly locks for gentlemen.

Dive into our easy step-by-step process to manage and style your lush locks for a look that’s both rugged and refined.

Understanding Wavy Hair: Types and Textures

Hair Type
First, know that your wavy hair is often classified within the 2A to 2C range. These categorizations describe the type of wave or curl pattern your hair naturally falls into:

  • 2A: Your waves are slight and tousled. They’re the shy wave that gives a gentle “hello” rather than a boisterous “hey!”
  • 2B: You have more defined waves, which tend to form “S” shapes right from the crown.
  • 2C: Your waves are the most pronounced. They verge on the cusp of curly, with a thicker, more defiant texture.

Wavy Texture
Think of your thick, wavy hair as an asset that brings out a certain richness in your style. Its texture can be manipulated to create outstanding looks that make people stop and stare in appreciation.

Natural Texture
Be proud of that natural texture! It’s what gives your style dimension and an authentic feel. To embrace this:

  • Keep your hair moisturized to prevent frizz.
  • Use styling products from brands like Bed Head by Tigi that are formulated specifically for your hair type.
  • Minimize heat styling to maintain your waves’ integrity.

Essential Haircuts for Wavy Hair

  • Short Hair Options:

    • Textured Crop: A modern twist that’s both edgy and manageable. Your waves add natural texture that looks simply amazing.
    • Caesar Cut: The classic Caesar is a solid option. Short, horizontal bangs work with your waves, not against them.
  • Medium Length Marvels:

    • Layered Cut: Introducing layers can remove some of the bulk and allow your waves to shape naturally around your face.
    • French Crop: A hint of bangs, a stylish fade – the French Crop is the perfect blend of controlled chaos.
  • Long Hair Legends:

    • Shag Hairstyle: Unleash those waves with a shag cut! It’s retro, it’s fun, and it’s surprisingly low maintenance.

How to Style Thick Wavy Hair Men?

A man's thick wavy hair styled with texturizing spray and a wide-tooth comb to enhance natural waves

Start with the Right Cut: Begin by asking your barber for layers. This is the foundation for your waves to live their best life. Layers can reduce bulk and encourage natural movement in your hair.

Embrace Texture: Sea salt sprays are your go-to for that “fresh from the beach” vibe. A couple of spritzes on damp hair can significantly enhance your waves.

Diffuse Wisely: While drying, use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment on a low heat setting. A diffuser can raise the game by boosting the natural texture without the frizz.

Style with the Best Products:

  • Mousses: Light as air, perfect for a touch of volume without the weight.
  • Gels: For a more defined, sleek look, choose one that doesn’t flake.
  • Waxes and Pomades: These are fantastic for control with a bit of shine. Apply sparingly.
  • Clays and Pastes: If you’re chasing a matte finish, matte clay should be your staple.

Air-Dry or Blow-Dry? Air-drying is gentle and can reduce frizz. On hurried days, tilt toward a blow-dryer set on low heat; work through your hair to sculpt those waves.

Optimizing Hair Health: Washing and Conditioning

A man's thick wavy hair being washed and conditioned, then styled with product for optimal health and appearance

Shampooing Routine:

  • Step 1: Focus your shampoo at the root to tackle oil build-up.
  • Step 2: Gentle scalp massage—up to a minute to invigorate and cleanse.
  • Step 3: A second application may be necessary for thorough cleansing.

After shampooing, go for a conditioner that complements your hair type. Don’t just slap it on; apply it methodically from mid-shaft to ends to avoid weighing down your roots and maintain that volume we all strive for.

Remember these pro tips:

  • Conditioner, your secret weapon, helps detangle and define your waves.
  • For extra nourishment, don’t shy away from a leave-in conditioner; it’s a game-changer for dry hair.

Selecting the Perfect Styling Products

A hand reaches for various styling products on a bathroom counter, including gel, pomade, and mousse. Thick wavy hair is shown in the background, ready to be styled

First up, hold is paramount. You want something that keeps your waves in check without weighing them down. Opt for pomades and clays for a firm yet flexible hold, ideal for sculpting those locks just the way you like.

If you’re after that beachy look, sea salt spray is your go-to. It adds texture and a touch of volume, giving you that fresh-off-the-surf vibe. Give your hair a quick spritz and scrunch, and you’re good to go!

For days you desire control without the stiffness, reach for smoothing serums. Your unruly hair can be soothed into sleek submission, adding a glossy finish without any greasiness.

If combating frizz is your battle, a trusty hairspray can be your best friend. Use it sparingly for a lasting hold, or pair it with your other favorite products to seal the deal on your style.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for your product selection:

  • Pomades and Clays: Firm hold, sculpting power
  • Sea Salt Sprays: Texture, volume, beachy waves
  • Smoothing Serums: Frizz control, glossy finish
  • Hairsprays: Lockdown your style, frizz reduction

Maintenance and Management of Thick Wavy Hair

A man's thick wavy hair is being styled with a comb and hair products in a well-lit bathroom, with a mirror and hair care products in the background

Wrestling the Frizz
Your thick waves might love to frizz, but you can tame them! Start with hydrating shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for wavy hair. Moisture is your friend here, keeping those strands obedient and sleek.

Embrace the Right Tools
A wide-tooth comb is your ally, effortlessly detangling without disrupting your hair’s natural flow. When it’s time to dry, opt for a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to boost curls and maintain movement without causing chaos.

Styling Thick Hair
Layers, layers, layers! They are key for managing thickness and encouraging your hair to behave. Consider having your stylist use thinning scissors to remove bulk while preserving the gorgeous flow of your waves.

  • Unruly Hair & Density: Regular trims are non-negotiable if your hair skews towards unruly. This not only shapes your hair but prevents it from becoming too dense and unmanageable.
  • Thicker Hair: Love volume but hate the mushroom look? Have your barber cut the back and sides shorter, allowing neatness and balancing your hair’s natural height.
Thick wavy hair styled in trendy, personalized ways

Styling thick, wavy hair for men can be thrilling when you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and know how to personalize them to suit your look. Your wavy locks are versatile, and whether you’re going for a short wavy hair look or yearning for those mid-length waves, there’s a vast array of styles to choose from.

A quiff or pompadour offers volume and shape for a classic touch that’s still on-trend, perfect for making a statement at any event. Pair these styles with a fade—be it a sharp high fade or a subtler low fade—to add a modern edge and focus the attention on your wavy top.

Texture is your ally, and wavy hairstyles for men are all about embracing it. Flaunt your natural curls with:

  • Slick back waves: ideal for a stylish, controlled look.
  • Side parting: adds structure and complements your face shape.

Your waves bring out a style that’s both voluminous and trendy. For those who want a low-maintenance cut but still exude style, a crew cut might just be your go-to option.

Possibly affected by baldness or a receding hairline? No problem! Mix-length waves or even curtains can work to your advantage, masking areas and bringing forth style and confidence.

Experiment and Combine:

  • Long hair with curtain bangs: pair with a beard for a rugged appeal.
  • Voluminous top with various fades: express your personality while staying sharp.


How do you make thick wavy hair look good?

For thick wavy hair, use a moisturizing cream or spray on damp hair, then dry with a diffuser or air-dry for defined waves. 

What is the best haircut for long thick wavy hair men?

The best haircut for men with long, thick, wavy hair is layered cuts to reduce bulk and define waves.

Is thick hair hard to style men?

Thick hair can be challenging to style for men, but with the right cut and styling products, it becomes manageable.

What haircut suits thick wavy hair?

A layered cut suits thick wavy hair well, as it removes bulk and enhances the natural wave pattern.

Is My hair wavy or frizzy?

If your hair forms waves after washing but frizzes as it dries, it’s likely wavy. Frizz may indicate your hair needs more moisture.

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