Should You Do Hair or Makeup First 2024? My Best Secret

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Discover the optimal method for organizing your beauty regimen through my greatly sought-after advice, all while tackling the age-old question: “Should Hair or Makeup Come First?”

Streamline your prep process with my best secret tips that save time and create a seamless look.

Should You Do Hair or Makeup First: Preparation and Base Setting

Establishing Your Beauty Routine

Building your beauty routine is akin to setting the stage for a spectacular performance. Before applying any product, it’s essential to cleanse your face to remove any oils or impurities that could affect the application of your makeup.

Targeting pores with a dedicated cleanser can make a huge difference for those with oily skin.

Afterward, apply a primer; consider it a shield, keeping your foundation in place and your skin protected throughout the day.

Choosing Between Hair or Makeup First

The age-old question: Should you style your hair or apply makeup first? This choice can depend on a few key factors. If your hair routine involves minimal heat and more natural styling, it’s practical to do it after applying your makeup.

This prevents fallout from eyeshadows or powders sticking to your freshly styled hair. On the other hand, for hairstyles needing heat, getting these steps done first can save your makeup from sweat and heat exposure, which can lead to a need for touch-ups.

Techniques and Applications

A hairbrush and makeup palette sit on a vanity. The brush is surrounded by loose strands of hair, while the palette is smudged with various shades

Perfecting the Makeup Look

To achieve a flawless makeup look, begin with a clean and moisturized face. Apply a primer to ensure your makeup has a smooth basis for application.

Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone, and use concealers to cover any blemishes or areas of discoloration. Next, bring out your eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara – considering waterproof products for longevity.

Powder, blush, and lipstick add the final touches to showcase your style. Remember, when using heat tools later on for your hair, having hairspray or setting sprays can help protect your makeup from heat exposure.

Hair Styling Strategies

For hair styling, the approach largely depends on the hairstyle you’re aiming for. Hot rollers are a classic choice if you’re looking to add volume with curling. Protect your hair first with appropriate hair products when using heat tools like straighteners or curling irons.

If you are short on time or want to avoid heat, dry shampoo can revitalize your look by absorbing excess oil and providing texture. Don’t forget the hairspray to construct intricate updos or keep your style in place. It’s all about layering—start with a good base, use the right tools, and finish with products that provide hold and shine.

Event-Specific Considerations

A person sits in front of a mirror, deciding whether to do their hair or makeup first. Brushes, combs, and beauty products are scattered on the vanity

Wedding Day Glamour

For your wedding day, it’s all about balancing a stress-free schedule with looking stunning. Many experts suggest opting for your hair to be done first — think a sleek, low bun or second-day hair that’s effortlessly chic — which allows for any hair product overspray to be cleaned off the face before makeup application.

Bridal makeup often includes waterproof mascara and a foundation set to last all day and night, so finishing with makeup ensures a fresh-faced glow as you walk down the aisle.

Seasonal Adjustments and Event Prep

Different seasons can influence your get-ready routine. In the summer, consider starting with makeup to avoid the effects of heat causing sweat that may ruin your look. For events like prom or any other big event, where you might be dancing the night away, it’s essential to use long-lasting products.

Frequently Asked Questions

A table with neatly arranged hair and makeup products, a mirror, and a chair in a well-lit room

What’s the best sequence for a bride’s beauty routine on her special day?

Begin with your hair styling to allow it time to set or dry, which can be crucial for your bridal updo or any elaborate style. Then, proceed with makeup to ensure a fresh, luminous finish as you walk down the aisle.

Ready for a big event – should hair styling or makeup application come first?

For most events, starting with your hair makes sense to avoid sweating off makeup during the hair styling effort. However, if your hair styling is simple and sans heat, makeup first is feasible.

For prom night perfection, which should I tackle first, my hairstyle or makeup look?

Prom night is all about lasting impressions. Style your hair first, especially if it requires time to set. Makeup should follow to maintain a pristine, camera-ready appearance throughout the night.

Lights, camera, beauty! Do models prepare their hair or enhance their face first before a photoshoot?

Typically, models get their hair done first, mainly if the shoot demands elaborate hairstyling. Makeup is applied after to match the desired look under various lighting conditions.

Heading to a salon for a makeover; should I start with my hair or cosmetics first?

In a salon setting, consult with your stylist. Still, often you’ll start with hair styling to allow for any product or cut to settle before perfecting your look with professional makeup application.

How soon should I start my beauty regimen before the wedding to ensure I look fabulous?

Aim to start your beauty routine a few hours before the ceremony. This ensures ample time for hair styling and makeup application, plus any last-minute touch-ups, to keep you looking fabulous for your special day.

Do you get hair or makeup done first for prom?

For prom, it’s often recommended to get hair done first, followed by makeup, ensuring your makeup looks fresh and isn’t disturbed by hair styling.

Should I do skin or hair first?

Do your hair first to prevent hair products from interfering with your skincare and makeup routine.

Should I do my makeup before or after drying my hair?

Do your makeup after drying your hair to avoid sweating off makeup from the hairdryer’s heat.

What comes first before makeup?

Before makeup, start with a cleansed face, followed by toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Then, apply a primer as the final step.

Can I wear makeup when getting my hair done?

Yes, you can wear makeup when getting your hair done, but consider using a lighter base to avoid smudging during the styling process.

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