28 Pearl Makeup Looks I’m Sure You’ll Love 2024

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The phenomenon of pearl makeup has completely captured the year and it’s uncommon to come across someone who hasn’t taken notice of it.

That’s why I’m presenting my 28 absolute favorite pearl makeup looks in this article, which I’m sure you’ll love too.

28 Pearl Makeup Looks I’m Sure You’ll Love

1. Small Pearl Makeup Around Eyes

2. White Pearl Eye Makeup

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eye Makeup
by Pinterest

This is a simple, minimalist pearl look that anyone can easily recreate and looks very good. Very elegant and playful.

She is also wearing gloves and a top with sewn-in pearls, which complete and enhance the whole look. That makes this look a hit.

3. Pearl Makeup and Hair

Pearl Makeup Pearl Makeup and Hair
by Pinterest

Pearls not only look very modern and effortlessly elegant in make-up but also in the hair. They make a statement here.

4. Many Pearls Eye Makeup

Pearl Makeup Many Pearls Eye Makeup
by Pinterest

Wow what a look. That’s not make-up – that’s art. It’s an eye-catcher through and through and will get plenty of admiring glances.

5. Mermaid Blue Eye Pearl Makeup

Pearl Makeup Blue Eye Makeup
by Pinterest

Feel and look like a mermaid for once. What a dream.

6. Pearl Makeup Accessoires

Pearl Makeup Pearl Makeup Accessoires
by Pinterest

I have to put it this way: I have fallen in love with this look.

It’s not a makeup design, but the combination of the pearl headband with the pearl earrings is just so elegant and enchanting.

I love it! And yet it’s so simple.

7. Pearl Makeup at Piercing Spots

Pearl Makeup Pearl Makeup at Piercing Spots
by Pinterest

Do you like piercings? But would you like to give your face a fabulous design without permanent piercings? Then this look is just right for you!

8. Dreamy Pearl Overload

Pearl Makeup Dreamy Pearl Overload
by Pinterest

This is the official Pearl Season. There is no such thing as too many pearls – as this exciting look proves.

9. Straight Pearl Pattern

Pearl Makeup Straight Pearl Pattern
by Pinterest

10. Pearl Eye Makeup + Hands

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eye and Hand
by Pinterest

10. Diamond Pearl Makeup

Pearl Makeup Diamond Pearl Makeup
by Pinterest

11. Sunshine Pearl Eye Makeup

Pearl Makeup Sunshine Pearl Eye Makeup
by Pinterest

How beautiful this design is. A sun around the eye – a real eye-catcher.

12. Pearl Freckles

Pearl Makeup Pearl Freckles
by Pinterest

Freckles are just as trendy as pearl makeup. While many women are turning to Tiktok freckles with henna, there is also the elegant option of doing them with pearls.

Beautiful and elegant.

13. Pearl Eyeshadow Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eyeshadow Design
by Pinterest

14. Pearl Lip Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Lip Design
by Pinterest

Forget lipstick and dare to try something completely new and extravagant. I admit, this is not necessarily an everyday look, but for an event or a special occasion, it will turn heads.

15. Minimal Pearl Freckles

Pearl Makeup Pearl Lip Design
by Pinterest

16. Minimal Art Pearl Design

Pearl Makeup Minimal Art Pearl Design
by Pinterest

17. Pearl Eyeliner Makeup

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eyeliner Makeup
by Pinterest

Precision is required here. But omg, what beautiful, elegant eye makeup with an eyeliner made of pearls.

I’m definitely going to try that!

18. Pearl Contouring Makeup Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Contouring Makeup Design
by Pinterest

Forget bronzer or your contouring palette, we’re contouring with pearls this year. And it looks fashion show ready.

19. Hand Pearl Design

Pearl Makeup Hand Pearl Design
by Pinterest

20. Fairy Eye Pearl Design

Pearl Makeup Fairy Eye Pearl Design
by Pinterest

21. Pearl Earring Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Earring Design
by Pinterest

22. Tiny Minimal Pearl Design

Pearl Makeup Tiny Minimal Pearl Design
by Pinterest

23. Pearl Men Face Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Men Face Design
by Pinterest

24. Pearl Eyebrow Makeup Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eyebrow Makeup Design
by Pinterest

25. Pearl Eye Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Eye Design
by Pinterest

26. Pearl Hairline Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Hairline Design
by Pinterest

27. Pearl Bride Veil Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Bride Veil Design
by Pinterest

28. Pearl Makeup Pearl Tear Design

Pearl Makeup Pearl Tear Design
by Pinterest

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