How to Style Thick Hair Men 2024: My Best 5 Tips!

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In this article, we will thoroughly explore the topic of “How to Handle Thick Hair for Men” and share the most effective methods for managing and improving your thick locks. Prepare to show off your impeccably styled hair!

How to Style Thick Hair Men: Essential Hair Care Products

How to Style Thick Hair Men: A bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel arranged on a bathroom counter next to a comb and hairbrush

When it comes to managing your thick locks, the right hair care products aren’t just a good idea—they’re essential. With the proper arsenal, you can tame, style, and accentuate your hair, making every day a good hair day.

Choosing the Right Styling Products

Your thick hair is a canvas waiting for the right styling product. A strong pomade offers control and sheen, perfect for slicked-back looks or more structured styles. If you’re chasing a natural finish with less shine, matte clay will be your go-to for adding texture without the weight. And for those days when you’re after volume and movement, nothing beats a volumizing mousse or spray. If you find yourself battling frizz, consider using a serum or anti-frizz hairspray to keep your hair smooth and manageable.

Shampoos and Conditioners for Thick Hair

You’ll want shampoos and conditioners that cater to your thick hair’s thirst for hydration. Look for moisture-rich formulas that contain nourishing oils to prevent your hair from drying out. A leave-in conditioner can be a game-changer, offering hydration and ease of styling post-shower. With these products, you’ll maintain the health of your hair and ensure it’s easier to work with, whether you’re stepping out of the shower or styling it for a night out.

Thick-haired man styles hair in popular men's hairstyles

Men with thick hair have a wealth of styling options at their fingertips, each one offering a unique expression of personality and style. From classic cuts to modern trends, discover the best hairdos that your robust locks can support with aplomb.

Short Hairstyles

For a clean-cut appearance, short hairstyles are a go-to for men with thick hair. The buzz cut makes daily grooming a breeze, while the crew cut offers a touch more on top to play with. To add a trendy edge, consider the French crop, distinguished by a textured fringe, or a short crop with a bald fade for a sharp contrast.

  • Classic Pompadour Fade: The voluminous top contrasts with faded sides.
  • Brushed Forward French Crop: Incorporates a stylish mid fade.

Long and Flowing Styles

Long hairstyles for thick hair are all about embracing and taming your natural volume. A shaggy brush cut or side-swept style allows your hair to fall naturally, whereas a classic loose sweep back exudes timeless elegance. For those with thick curly hair, maintaining longer lengths can lead to beautiful texture and movement, creating a captivating look.

Modern and Trendy Cuts

If standing out is your aim, modern and trendy cuts are where it’s at. The undercut quiff meshes classic and contemporary vibes, while the slicked back undercut showcases a clean side profile. For something unique, the faux hawk offers an audacious twist. Haircut elements like a drop fade or a high skin fade can be combined with messy layers or a long sweep and tuck to create dynamic, hair trends-worthy styles.

  • Textured Crop with Taper Fade: A neat silhouette that frames the face.
  • Loose Sweep Back with Messy Layers: This style offers a relaxed yet structured look.

Haircut Techniques and Tips

A barber expertly trims thick hair, using texturizing techniques and styling products

Layering and Texturing

Layers are your best friend if you want a versatile hairstyle that adds movement and removes weight from your hair. By strategically cutting layers, your hair will have more shape and life, making styling much more straightforward. Ask your barber to incorporate layering with thinning shears to reduce bulk without sacrificing length. This technique can also add a dynamic look to fade haircuts, with the fade on the sides providing a sharp contrast to the textured layers on top.

  • To Consider:
    • Request layering around the face for a softening effect.
    • Emphasize on textured layers for that cool, edgy appearance.

Managing Very Thick Hair

For those of you with very thick hair, keeping it well-maintained can sometimes be a battle. A disconnected undercut can be a game-changer, where the sides are shaved or cut ultra-short, and the top section is left longer. It’s a bold look, and it instantly removes a lot of hair bulk, making your daily styling routine faster and less cumbersome.

A fade haircut with a fade on the sides can drastically reduce the bulk of your hair while keeping it stylish. Start with a longer length on top and gradually decrease the length as you move down the sides and back, creating a smooth transition to the shaved sides. This is not only a practical choice for manageability but also gives you that sharp, defined look everyone’s excited about.

  • Quick Tips:
    • Opt for a fade haircut to blend thick sides for a cleaner, streamlined appearance.
    • Consider a disconnected undercut if you’re after a bold yet low-maintenance style.

Styling Techniques and Secrets

A man's thick hair being styled with various techniques and products, showcasing the process of creating a polished and fashionable hairstyle

Discover the transformative power of precise styling techniques tailored for your thick hair. Unlock the secrets to enhancing your hair’s natural texture and achieving that salon-worthy look at home.

Creating the Perfect Quiff

A textured pompadour or quiff champions volume and style. To start, apply a heat protectant to your damp hair. Then, take a blow dryer and use a round brush to lift your hair at the roots while drying, focusing on the direction you want your quiff to take. For added texture, work a small amount of styling clay into your hair before you start to style it, helping you control wavy or curly strands. Ensure you experiment with the angle and elevation until you find the perfect shape that complements your personal style.

Achieving a Natural Look

Embracing your hair’s natural waves and curls can result in a stunning, effortless style. Begin by washing your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner to enhance its natural texture. For those with long and curly hair, it’s best to minimally handle your hair post-wash to avoid frizz. Apply a curl-defining cream generously through damp hair, then let your locks air dry. If you’re in a hurry, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to reduce frizz and maintain your hair’s natural waves or curls. Remember, the less you touch your hair while it’s drying, the better your natural style will hold.

The Right Cut for Your Beard

A man's thick hair being carefully groomed and styled into a well-defined beard shape

Choosing the right beard style can dramatically transform your look, tailoring your appearance to exude both personality and sophistication. It’s time to find that impeccable beard cut that not only matches, but also enhances, your unique hair type and facial structure.

Complementing Hairstyles and Beards

  • Short Hair and Beards: If you’re rocking a shorter hairstyle, consider a beard style that offers a bit of contrast. A thick short-boxed beard keeps things tidy for professionals yet shows off the volume of your beard.
  • Long Hair and Beards: Men with longer hairstyles can grow fuller, longer beards. This look conveys a rugged, yet refined aesthetic. The key is to ensure that your beard is well-maintained to avoid an unkempt look.
  • Fades and Undercuts with Beards: A sharp fade or undercut paired with a beard can create a modern and clean look.
Thick hair styled in modern trends, with volume and texture

Staying Ahead with Stylish Cuts

  • Modern Quiffs: The quiff has been revamped for 2024 with more texture and volume. Pump up the excitement with a bit of sea salt spray to achieve that perfect, tousled look.
  • Bold and Long: No need to shy away from length; today’s trends are embracing long hairstyles that showcase your thick hair’s natural fullness. Remember, long hair doesn’t mean unruly—control and style are key.
  • Very Short Precision: For a sharper contrast, very short haircuts like buzz cuts with a high skin fade offer a clean, striking look that is both no-fuss and stylish.


How can I look good with thick hair men?

Keep your thick hair well-groomed with a textured cut, use hair clay or wax for styling, and consider an undercut for a sharp look. You’ll turn heads! 

What can I do about thick hair men?

Tame your thick mane by moisturizing with conditioner, using a hairdryer to style, and applying a strong-hold product to keep everything in place. 

What is the best way to style thick hair?

For styling thick hair, choose layered cuts to reduce bulk, use smoothing serums, and embrace heat styling tools for a sleek finish. Your hair will look fabulous!

Which haircut is best for thick hair men?

Opt for a textured fringe, a slicked-back look, or a taper fade to manage your thick hair stylishly and practically. 

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