How to Style Baby Girl Hair 2024: Cute & Easy Looks

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As a parent, there are few things that bring as much happiness as adding cute hairstyles to your child’s hair. “How to Style Baby Girl Hair” is a fantastic resource for achieving adorable and easy-to-maintain styles that perfectly fit her lively and lovable personality.

How to Style Baby Girl Hair? Getting Started

  • Before the Styling: You’ll need a few basics:
    • A soft-bristled brush or comb
    • Gentle, non-irritating hair products
    • Cute clips or hairbands for securing styles

Products are your secret arsenal. Opt for baby-specific or ultra-gentle formulations to ensure they’re safe for her delicate scalp. Remember, less is more!

If it’s time for a shape-up, consider visiting a pediatric hairstylist familiar with baby girl hairstyles. They can effortlessly snip those locks to a manageable length with ease.

For everyday styling:

  1. Start with damp hair. A spray bottle is your friend here—just a mist to control wayward strands.
  2. Gently brush or comb to detangle.

Now, you’re ready for some fun!

  • Sleek Ponies: Sweep hair into a ponytail and secure with a soft band.
  • Baby Buns: Twist hair into a tiny bun for an extra dash of cuteness.
  • Clip It Pretty: A decorative clip isn’t just adorable—it keeps hair in place!

Essential Hair Styling Tools and Products

A hairbrush, hair clips, and a bottle of hair gel arranged on a table. A baby girl's hair being styled with gentle hands

Choosing the Right Hair Accessories

When it comes to styling your baby girl’s hair, the right accessories add charm and hold those lovely locks in place.

Start with a soft, stretchy headband that’s gentle on the scalp—whether it’s adorned with cute flowers or a simple ribbon, it’s a go-to for a quick and adorable look. Don’t forget about elastic bands designed for fine hair; they provide hold without tugging or breaking tender strands.

  • Headband: Pick soft fabrics, avoid tight-fitting ones
  • Elastic Bands: Ensure they’re snag-free
  • Flower Headband/Ribbon: Choose hypoallergenic materials

Selecting Safe Hair Products

Your little one’s delicate tresses deserve the gentlest care. Look for a conditioner free from harsh chemicals—like parabens and phthalates—to keep her hair soft and manageable. Gentle and safe hair products nourish the hair and lay the foundation for a frizz-free and polished hairstyle.

  • Conditioner: Opt for paraben-free and phthalate-free options
  • Safe Styling Products: Always check for ingredients that are gentle on baby’s scalp and hair

Simple and Cute Hairstyles for Beginners

A young girl's hair being styled into simple and cute hairstyles by a pair of gentle hands

The Classic High Ponytail

Gather your baby’s hair into a high pony at the crown of her head for a quick and effortless look that’s always in style. Secure it with a soft hair band that’s gentle on her delicate hair. This timeless high pony keeps hair out of her face and can be adorned with cute ribbons or bows.

Adorable Pigtails

Split your baby’s hair down the middle and create two symmetrical sections. Tie each section into a ponytail on either side of her head to create charming pigtails. It’s a hairstyle that’s as playful as it is practical, keeping hair tidy throughout the day.

Baby Bangs and Bobs

If your baby girl has shorter hair, consider styling it into a cute bob with baby bangs. This easy-care style requires minimal effort, is comfortable for your baby to wear, and always looks chic. Comb the hair straight and use a child-safe accessory to keep the bangs in place.

Creative Braiding Styles for Baby Girls

A baby girl's hair is being styled into creative braids, showcasing different styles and techniques

French Braid Fundamentals

Starting with French braids, they’re a classic choice that’s as cute as it is functional for your little one. You’ll first need to brush her hair to remove any tangles. Then, begin by picking up a small section at the top and gradually adding more hair as you braid down the back. It’s a style that not only keeps hair out of her face but also lasts all day, from naptime to playtime.

Cornrows for Toddlers

Next up are cornrows, a more intricate style that’s perfect for active toddlers. These braids are woven close to the scalp and can be styled in straight lines, curves, or fun patterns. To create cornrows, section the hair and start the braid near the forehead, adding small pieces of hair as you move downward. Don’t forget to secure each braid with a gentle elastic band for fine baby hair.

Braids for Little Girls

Finally, we have braids for little girls ranging from simple three-strand plaits to more complex designs like fishtails or flower-themed braids. Adding fun accessories like ribbons or clips can make these braids stand out. Whether you’re opting for a single braid or a full head of tiny plaits, remember to use a wide-tooth comb for detangling to keep the experience tear-free for your baby.

Creating Unique Updos and Buns

A baby girl's hair is styled into unique updos and buns using hair accessories and gentle techniques

The Charming Twin Buns

What You Need: Hair elastics and bobby pins.

  1. Start with a high ponytail on each side of the head. Ensure they’re symmetrical to achieve that delightful twin effect!
  2. Twist each ponytail into a coil, wrap it around the base, and secure with bobby pins for adorable twin buns.

The Elegant Loose Bun

What You Need: A hair tie, bobby pins, and a light-hold hairspray.

  • Begin by pulling the hair into a high ponytail and loosely twisting it to form a loose bun.
  • Pin it in place and spritz with hairspray for a graceful, yet unfussy look.

Trendy Updo Variations

What You Need: A mix of hair elastics, hairpins, and accessories like ribbons or flowers.

  • Experiment by braiding parts of the hair before coiling into a bun, or create multiple small buns for a fun, trendy updo.
  • Wrap ribbons or incorporate flowers for that extra splash of personality!

Maintaining Baby Girl Hair Health

A baby girl's hair being gently brushed and styled with colorful hair accessories

Washing and Conditioning Tips

Keeping It Gentle: Start with a mild, tear-free shampoo to cleanse the scalp. Shampooing your baby’s hair about three times a week is generally enough to keep it clean without over-drying.

  • Conditioning Know-How: Now, for your darling’s strands, reach for a gentle conditioner—if her hair is long enough—focusing on the ends to avoid any scalp greasiness. A conditioner will help detangle those tiny tresses and keep them looking soft and healthy.

Avoiding Hair Damage

Saying No to Heat: A big no-no for your baby’s hair is the blow dryer. The intense heat can be too harsh for her delicate scalp and lead to damaged hair. Instead, wrap her hair gently in a soft towel to absorb moisture and let it air dry.

  • Soft Styling: When it comes to styling, gentle is the mantra! Avoid pulling or tugging at her hair, and opt for loose styles that don’t strain her fragile roots unnecessarily. Remember, the key to healthy hair is keeping it stress-free!

Tips for Your Baby’s First Salon Visit

A baby girl sits in a salon chair, surrounded by colorful hair accessories and styling products. The stylist carefully works on her hair, creating cute braids or ponytails

Preparing for the First Haircut

Before your baby’s first snip, choose a salon that’s experienced with young clients and bring along your baby’s high chair if the salon doesn’t offer child-friendly seating. Familiarize your baby with the idea of a haircut by playing pretend salon at home. Remember to:

  • Schedule the appointment during your baby’s happiest time of the day.
  • Bring a favorite toy or blanket to keep your baby comfortable.

After-Care for Styled Hair

Post-haircut, your baby’s hair may have delicate layers, which can be managed with gentle brushing and baby-safe hair products. To maintain the style:

  • Use a soft-bristled brush for tangle-free styling.
  • Wash hair with a mild, tear-free shampoo to keep those tiny locks fresh.


What can I use to style my babies hair?

For styling baby’s hair, use a soft brush and water. Gentle, baby-safe products like detangling sprays can help manage their delicate hair.

How do you style small baby hair?

To style small baby hair, gently shape and smooth the hair with a soft brush or comb with water.

What can I do with my 1 year old girls hair?

With a 1-year-old girl, try simple styles like soft headbands, small clips, or tiny ponytails using gentle, baby-friendly hair accessories.

Can I use hair gel on my 1 year old? 

It’s best to avoid hair gel on a 1-year-old as their scalp is sensitive. Opt for baby-safe products specifically designed for young children.

At what age can I start braiding my baby’s hair?

You can start braiding your baby’s hair when it’s long enough and they are comfortable sitting still, often around 1 to 2 years old.

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