How to Do Douyin Makeup 2024: My Favorite Tips

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Discover the latest trends of the most popular Chinese app by checking out my expert tips on “Mastering Douyin Makeup”.

This article will guide you through the playful and edgy looks that have taken over the platform, helping you easily create the perfect Douyin-inspired style.

How to Do Douyin Makeup: Getting Started

Choosing the Right Base Makeup

Primer: Always start with a clean canvas. Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type to ensure hydration. Follow this with a primer to create a smooth base to help your makeup last all day.

Full-Coverage Foundation: Opt for a full-coverage foundation for that flawless Douyin skin. The goal is to achieve an immaculate base that still looks natural. Think weightless with a second-skin finish. Ensure that it matches your complexion perfectly to avoid any lines of demarcation.

Concealer & Setting Powder: Concealer is your next best friend. Apply under the eyes to banish dark circles and on any blemishes or discolorations. The concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation for a subtle brightening effect. Finish with a setting powder to lock everything in place, maintaining a smooth, matte finish throughout the day.

Eye Makeup Essentials for Doll-like Eyes

Base Makeup: Begin with a neutral eyeshadow primer to even out the lid color and to provide a base for your eyeshadows to adhere to. This step is crucial for ensuring your eye makeup stays vibrant and lasts longer.

Eyeshadow: Choose eyeshadows that offer a shimmering, fairy-like appeal. Popular choices include pink, peach, or soft brown shades that give off a twinkle similar to that Douyin sparkle.

Eyeliner & Mascara: Eyeliner is the key to defining those doll eyes. Opt for a fluid, precise liner to draw a winged shape, elongating the eyes. Finally, apply generous coats of mascara or go for exaggerated false lashes that captivate and mesmerize.

Enhancing Features with Colors and Contours

A makeup artist applies vibrant colors and sharp contours to enhance features, creating a striking douyin makeup look

Blush and Highlight for a Youthful Glow

For a fresh, youthful glow, start with applying a pigmented pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping upwards towards your temples. This creates a radiant and sun-kissed look that’s signature to the Douyin style. Don’t shy away from also dabbing a bit of blush on the tip of your nose and your chin for a cohesive warmth.

Now, for the highlight—use a shimmer highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face. A light dusting on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the cupid’s bow will reflect light beautifully, giving you that coveted doll-like appearance.

Lip Makeup for a Blurred Effect

Douyin makeup embraces a soft, blurred effect when it comes to your lips. Use a lip stain for a hint of color that lasts all day, and soften the edges with a lip brush or your fingertip to avoid harsh lines. Build intensity at the center of your lips and fade towards the outer corners for a just-bitten look.

For added dimension and fullness, top off with a swipe of lip gloss—focus on the center to make your lips pop. If you need to define your lips further, softly line them with a lip liner that matches your stain, again blending outwards for the perfect blur.

Perfecting the Look with Finishing Touches

A makeup artist applies final touches to a douyin look, focusing on precise details and intricate designs. Brushes and palettes lay scattered on the table

Detailed Eye Decor and Falsies

Imagine capturing the whimsical charm of Japanese manga or the flair of your favorite K-beauty stars with your eye makeup. Start by applying a glitter or shimmery eyeshadow to highlight your natural features. Precision is key here. Use liquid eyeliner to carve out a captivating cut crease or mimic the adorable puffiness of aegyo sal.

  • Mascara: Apply generous coats to bond your natural lashes with the falsies.
  • False Lashes: Choose manga lashes or lashes with rhinestones to echo the glamour of celebrities and influencers.

Setting Your Masterpiece for Longevity

You want your stunning creation to withstand the test of time—or at least the length of the event you’re attending. Here’s how you lock all of that glam in place:

  • Spritz a setting spray with a fan gently wafting to set your masterpiece.
  • For the lips, a matte liquid lipstick stays put longer and keeps the focus on your eyes.

Remember, the goal here is not just to stay put but to also help those striking details like rhinestones or manga lashes stay affixed, ensuring your look retains its magic for the entire day or night.

Frequently Asked Questions

A makeup table with various cosmetics, a smartphone showing a douyin tutorial, and a mirror reflecting the makeup process

What steps are involved in creating the perfect Douyin makeup look?

To master Douyin makeup, start with a simplified beauty routine, focusing on flawless foundation and subtle contouring. Then, move on to eye enhancements and precise liquid eyeliner application to accentuate your features.

Can you share some tips for applying Douyin makeup quickly and easily?

Yes! Begin with multi-functional products for a quick base, like a BB cream that moisturizes and evens out your skin tone. Use a thin winged eyeliner for a sharp, but simple, eye look and choose creamy blushes and lip colors that can be applied with fingers for speed.

What are the best techniques for Douyin makeup on hooded eyes?

For hooded eyes, the Douyin makeup approach uses waterproof liquid eyeliner for a thin, elongated wing that defies smudging. Enhance the eye further by highlighting the inner corner to create the illusion of openness.

Which makeup products are essentials for achieving the Douyin style?

Essential Douyin makeup products include a high-coverage foundation, a fine-tipped eyeliner for precise wings, subtle highlighters for a youthful glow, and lip tints that naturally flush color.

How should you apply foundation to get that flawless Douyin makeup finish?

For that coveted Douyin look, apply your foundation in thin layers, building coverage only where needed. This creates a more natural, skin-like finish. Always blend well with a sponge or brush for a seamless appearance.

How does Douyin makeup differ from traditional Korean makeup styles?

Douyin makeup often embraces a full-coverage base and sharper contours, while traditional Korean makeup usually features a dewy finish and softer lines. Douyin looks tend to have a more dramatic eye with bolder liner compared to Korean makeup’s gentle, airy feel.

What products do you need for Douyin makeup?

Douyin makeup needs products like blush, brow powder, concealer, contour, eye shadow, and eyebrow makeup.

How to do Chinese makeup step by step?

For traditional Chinese makeup, apply a face primer and foundation, then draw thin eyebrows, and use bright eyeshadow. Add eyeliner, mascara, and white eyeliner to the waterline. Finish with a blush and red or pink lipstick.

What is Chinese Douyin makeup?

Chinese Douyin makeup is a beauty trend characterized by a natural, glowing skin finish, subtle contour, bright blush, and delicate eye makeup, popularized on China’s Douyin platform.

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